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Bin collection updates

Bin collections - 22 January 2019

Collections due for today will be completed to schedule. There are a small number of collection crews working into the evening to complete any remaining collections. Our focus is on ensuring we do everything we can to collect residents’ recycling and waste on their scheduled collection days.

Please be aware that collections may sometimes take place later in the day than usual.

You can check your correct collection day using the calendar sent to households in October 2018, or by using the bin collection date checker.

Remember – we will be collecting real Christmas trees between 6 January and 3 February 2019 if left out at the boundary of your property on your normal collection day. Please ensure Christmas trees put out for collection are cut in half.

Garden waste collections

The garden waste collection service is currently paused. Normal collections will resume on your scheduled collection day from the week commencing 28 January 2019. Check your next scheduled garden waste collection.

Bin deliveries

Bin deliveries are currently running behind schedule, we apologise for the delay and will deliver bins that have been requested as soon as possible.

Your bin may not have been collected if:

A hanger was placed on your bin -

This may be because it contained items which are not recyclable, which would contaminate the rest of the load. Crews will indicate the reason or items contaminating your bin on this hanger.

Please remove the contaminating items and put your bin out for collection for the following week.

It was too heavy –

If your bin is too heavy it will not be emptied, as this can cause injury or prevent our crews from safely emptying your bin. This is also an indicator that the wrong items may be in your bin.

Please remove the heavy item from your bin and place it out for collection the following week.

Over filled bin –

If your lid is open and will not shut, your bin will not be emptied. An over filled bin may also cause items to get stuck which our crews cannot remove for health and safety reasons.

Please loosen the stuck items or remove any overflowing items and put your bin out for collection for the following week.

Your bin wasn’t put out on time -

You must place your bins at the boundary of your property by 6am on your collection day. Please be aware we may collect bins up until 5pm on your collection day.

Your collection day

Make sure you have the correct collection days using your postcode here.

Please be aware that your green garden waste bin is collected fortnightly.

Please place your bins at the boundary of your property by 6am on your collection day.

Missed bin

If you have the correct collection day and none of the above apply to you, your collection may have been missed.  Please be aware, we collect bins up until 5pm. If your bin hasn’t been collected after 5pm please report this as a missed bin.

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