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I would like an additional bin (black/brown/green/blue)

Over 70% of an average household’s waste can be recycled. In Barnet we collect mixed recycling, food waste and non-recyclable waste weekly. For the majority of residents these bins are emptied on the same day. Green bins for garden waste are collected every two weeks, for most residents on a Saturday. You can check your bin days using our Bin Directory – www.barnet.gov.uk/recycling.

We appreciate that for some larger households you may need additional bins. As the majority of waste can be recycled, we will provide additional blue and brown bins for no additional charge.

We will only provide an additional black bin for households where there are six or more people living in the property. Most household waste can be recycled by putting it in either your blue or brown bin. It is very costly to dispose of refuse waste that is put in your black bin and disposal is damaging to the environment. We therefore charge £172.94 for additional black bins.

If you are unsure what you can recycle, please visit www.barnet.gov.uk/recycling for a full list of recycling materials that can go in your blue and brown bins.

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