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Oakleigh Road South vehicle depot

The council’s new depot facility at Oakleigh Road will be ready to be the base for our crews to start work across the borough from 31 July. The depot will be the operational facility and home for some of the council’s environmental services teams including street cleansing, waste and recycling and parks maintenance. These services were previously located at the old depot site in Mill Hill, which is being redeveloped for much needed housing.

The Oakleigh Depot will primarily consist of low-rise buildings, similar in appearance to warehouses. It will include a maintenance facility for environmental services vehicles as well as an office for our staff. Council vehicles will also be parked at the site. Crucially, the number of large HGV movements using the site and surrounding roads will be approximately 22 per cent fewer per day than when Winter’s Haulage operated from the same location.

We are conscious that the Oakleigh Depot is located in a residential area and we remain committed to ensuring that noise and disruption is kept to a minimum. We successfully managed this at the previous Mill Hill depot and we are confident we can deliver the same standards of consideration at this site.

What’s on site?

The depot will consist of:

  • A fully secure site with a 24 hour staffed gatehouse
  • A covered bulking facility for recyclable material – but there will be no treatment of recyclables at the new depot
  • A maintenance building for the council’s vehicle fleet
  • Parking for service vehicles and staff cars
  • Wash bays
  • A fuel pump
  • A two-storey office
  • MOT station

What is a bulking facility?

The bulking facility is a fully enclosed building with roller shutter doors that will be used to temporarily store recycling collected from households within the borough. The blue bin recyclables (i.e. glass, paper, cans, plastic and cardboard) will be deposited in the bulking facility and then loaded into an articulated lorry by mechanical shovel and removed from site before the end of each day. Food waste will not be stored overnight; it will be brought to the depot and temporarily stored in covered containers which are housed within the bulking facility. These will then be loaded onto a lorry to be taken away from the site each day.

What we will do to ‘be a good neighbour’

We are committed to keeping noise and disruption to the surrounding area to a minimum.  As a result, we will put in place new procedures which are designed to keep the site as quiet as possible. This includes:

  • Staggering the arrival of staff and start times of the services to minimise disruption from vehicle movements and noise.
  • All service vehicles will be required to refuel or attend the wash bays on returning to site at the end of the daily operations so that our vehicles are clean and ready to go in the morning with minimal disruption.
  • Our service vehicles will not be permitted to leave their parking area until the start of operations for each service
  • We won’t leave engines running on site while the vehicle is not in use
  • Service vehicles will be reverse parked into allocated parking spaces at the end of the day to ensure they are front facing for the next day of service. This will minimise noise nuisance at the start of the day.
  • Staff will be trained and briefed to ensure that they are considerate to local residents and that noise is kept to a minimum.

Hours of operation

Monday – Friday

5.30am – 9.30pm


5.30am – 3pm


* reduced cleansing service only

7am – 3pm*

Take a tour

If you would like to take a tour of Oakleigh Depot and view the facilities for yourself, we will be having an open day for residents on 22 July at the below times:

  • 2pm to 2.45pm
  • 3pm to 3.45pm

To book, email: vehicledepot@barnet.gov.uk with the time that you would like to attend. If there is more than one person that you would like to bring on the tour, please give the names of each person attending.

Contact the council

We are committed to minimising the impact of the new depot facility on surrounding residents and businesses. However, if you do have any concerns and would like to get in touch with the council about depot operations, visit:


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