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Real nappies

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Nappy subsidy

Parents living in the London Borough of Barnet with children who are less than 18 months old are entitled to a subsidy towards the cost of using real nappies.

Buy your own nappies to use and wash yourself and we will give you a refund of up to £54.15 on the cost of the nappies. You will need to fill out a claim form, and show us receipts, a copy of your child's birth certificate and proof of residency (a recent utility bill, Council Tax payment book or bank statement).

If you require further information on how to claim the subsidy please contact us using the details below.

4 good reasons to try real nappies!

There are many reasons why more and more parents are now using real nappies, here's five to start you off!

  1. Easy-to-use alternative to disposables
    Modern real nappies are shaped to fit your baby snugly.  They can be washed easily at home or with a nappy laundering service.
  2. Good for babies’ skin
    Made of natural breathable fabrics, they are kinder to baby’s skin and don’t contain chemicals or absorbent gels.
  3. Help the environment
    One baby will use 5,000 disposable nappies, so using real nappies prevents unnecessary waste going to landfill.
  4. Save money
    Get started with real nappies from just £54.15. Unlike disposables, they can be used for future children saving you money. There is no need to soak or pre-wash nappies, just wash at 60°C.

Real nappies don’t have to be an all or nothing commitment, you can still use disposables as well.


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