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Appeals for other schools

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Appeals for foundation schools, voluntary-aided schools, free schools and academies

Find out more on how to appeal for non-community schools (PDF).

If your child has not been offered a place at a voluntary-aided school, foundation school, free school or academy this is because more children wanted to go to these schools than there are places available. Your application has been considered using the schools' published over-subscription criteria.

Appeals at non-Community Schools

Appeals at non-Community Schools are still subject to all the provisions of the Appeals Code of Practice and therefore they will still be entirely independent.

You will be posted notification of the outcome of your application approximately three weeks after submitting the form. Appeal hearings for in-year admissions are held every few weeks throughout the academic year (term-time only) and your hearing will take place within 30 school days of an appeal being lodged.

The timetable for appeals to Reception Class and Secondary Transfer will differ from school to school and could take place anytime between April to July so you should contact the school directly to confirm their arrangements.

Appeals for  a voluntary-aided school, foundation school, free school or  academy

Appeals for  a voluntary-aided school, foundation school, free school or  academy willl be arranged by the individual schools and further information about the appeals process will be available from the clerk to the governors at the relevant school.


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