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Education Strategy for Barnet

Barnet is well known for the quality of its schools, and overall Barnet’s children and young people have a lot to celebrate.

A very high proportion of Barnet’s children and young people have access to a good, or outstanding, school compared to elsewhere in the country, attainment of children at the end of primary and secondary school is among the best in the country and a high proportion of Barnet young people go on to university.

We need to ensure that all of Barnet’s children and young people benefit and make progress, and that our local offer is appropriate and broad enough to meet the full range of needs and interests of all our young people as they transition into adulthood.

Our partnership approach is set out in our Education Strategy for Barnet 2017 – 2020, which provides a framework for schools, education providers and others to work together to achieve the ambition set out in Barnet’s Children and Young People Plan.

For further information please see Family Services key strategic documents and plans.

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