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Home schooling in Barnet

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Home schooling (known as elective home education)

Elective home education is when you decide, as a parent or carer, to educate your children at home instead of sending them to school.

This is different to home tuition provided by a local authority or education provided by a local authority other than at a school.

Registering your child as being electively home educated

If you elect to home educate you can register your child/children with the council.

You can do this by completing our online registration eform and Statement of Provision eform.

What our responsibility is

Barnet Council has the responsibility of ensuring that all children of compulsory school age and living in the borough are receiving an efficient full-time education.

Some parents may choose to engage private tutors or other adults in providing a suitable education, but there is no requirement for them to do so. Learning may take place in a variety of locations, not just in the family home.

Information for parents who are considering home educating their child is set out in the elective home education information leaflet.


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