Business rates and council payments (COVID-19)

We are aware many of Barnet’s small businesses are likely to be affected financially by the Coronavirus outbreak.

To help businesses at this time, we are offering those who pay their business rates the option to defer payment until June 2020.  If you wish to defer payments please email the Business Rates team at

Debt recovery and enforcement

We are suspending all recovery action and enforcement relating to non-payment of business rates for small businesses until 30 June 2020. This includes:

  • no reminders or final notices will be sent where a payment is not made as billed
  • no outbound calls, texts or emails to be made regarding non-payment
  • no cases to be referred to court for legal action
  • no cases will be referred to Enforcement Agents (bailiffs)

Where debt exists for larger organisations/businesses we will continue to review the position and escalate as appropriate. 

We encourage those businesses affected to contact the council should they require additional support at this time.

Further information relating to financial support available including grants and assistance with business rates.


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