COVID-19 organised events guidance

We support and encourage events in Barnet, recognising the social, economic and wellbeing benefits that they bring.

We must take additional precautions this summer, to ensure that all events are held safely and follow Government advice.

You should submit your application for an event as early as possible to allow the Council to review your application and risk assessment.

We also urge that you stay flexible and create a contingency plan to adapt or even cancel your event if the Government’s Roadmap is delayed.

We welcome events for the coming months, provided that:

  • Event organisers follow all relevant COVID-secure guidance and a comprehensive risk assessment is completed. This guidance varies according to the type of event and could include outdoor eventsfunfairsperforming arts or sports events (full list in the full guidance section)
  • Organisers and attendees follow all legal requirements, including group sizes that are permitted by social contact restrictions and preventing mixing between groups, enforcing social distancing guidelines, and mandating face coverings where required
  • All reasonable action has been taken to mitigate the risk to public health, including displaying an NHS QR code and encouraging visitors to ‘check in’ using the NHS COVID-19 app, or maintaining a visitor log, at certain venues (visit GOV.UK to create a QR code)

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