Volunteer outreach COVID-19 tests

Barnet Public Health and volunteers from AgeUK Barnet run this scheme.

If you qualify for the scheme, a volunteer from AgeUK Barnet will deliver a test. They will guide you through the test and return the completed test to the national lab for you.

You can get your result by email or phone call.

Who can get an outreach test

This scheme is available for Barnet residents that find it hard to access the national COVID-19 test. This might be because of issues accessing, completing or returning a test.

For example, you:

  • would struggle to access to the national test scheme because of cognitive, language, literacy or digital barriers
  • need personal help to understand and complete the self-swabbing process
  • would struggle to get to a test centre or post-box because of physical disability, frailty, or shielding.

You must also:

  • have coronavirus symptoms; a high temperature or a new, continuous cough or a loss of sense of smell or taste
  • be within the first 5 days of symptoms starting
  • be an adult aged over 18 (or 16/17-year-old living independently).

Request a test

Make a referral for someone else

You can refer someone who you think needs this scheme. Before submitting a referral, you must:

  • discuss the referral with the test user and checked that they’re happy for you to request a test for them.
  • check how the test user would like to be contacted by AgeUK Barnet to arrange testing, and by Barnet Public Health to receive their results (by email or phone call).
  • know the details of the test user. You will need to know their; full name, address and postcode, ethnicity, phone number, email address, and date of symptom onset.

What is the test

The test involves taking a swab of the back of your throat and the inside of your nose, using a long cotton bud. You can do the swab yourself. If you think you might find this difficult, you should ask someone in your household or social bubble to be present to help you.

Your test results

The lab sends your result to Barnet Public Health. We contact you to inform you of your result. AgeUK Barnet and the volunteer who brought you your test will not know your result.

Sharing your data

To run this service, we need to share some of your data with AgeUK Barnet and Public Health England. We will only share least amount of data will at each stage to provide this service to you. Further details are available in our privacy policy.

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