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Barnet Council’s Adults and Communities Delivery Unit supports adults, young people with disabilities aged 18-24, people with physical or sensory abilities, people with learning disabilities, adults over 65 who are physically or mentally frail, people with mental health problems and people who care for family members or friends.

We want Barnet to be an even better place to live where wellbeing and independence is promoted.

Adults and Communities will help to deliver this by applying a strengths-based approach to social care and in doing so aim to prevent, reduce or delay an adult’s social care and health needs from either developing or escalating.

We have a statutory responsibility to:

• provide information and advice to residents with social care needs

• assess people’s social care needs

• help people plan their support if they meet national eligibility criteria

• support family carers

• keep adults at risk safe from abuse.

The Adults and Communities Delivery Unit is made up of the following teams: Care Quality, Performance and Improvement, Customer Care, Safeguarding and Practice Quality, Integrated Learning Disability Service, Hospitals and Health Partnerships, Assessment and Prevention, Localities, Customer Finance and Integrated Social Care Direct.

We work in close partnership with our health partners and the voluntary sector to provide information, advice and services. We are working in a more seamless, integrated way with our partners and colleagues in the NHS, voluntary and private sector organisations to help our services users to feel increasingly that they are dealing with one care organisation and to provide services we would be happy for our friends and family to receive.

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