Chickenshed Theatre Company

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Chase Side
N14 4PE


020 8351 6161


18001 020 829

Chickenshed is a theatre company that makes beautiful and inspirational theatre working on the basis that everyone and anyone should be included, regardless of their background, age, race or ability. At Chickenshed, everyone is welcome, and everyone is valued.

Chickenshed runs a Children's and Youth Theatre for 700 young people, operates three nationally accredited education courses, engages in community outreach projects and has established a growing network of satellite 'Sheds' across the country (and two in Russia) so even more can benefit. It is unique in bringing together the creative energy of people who would never meet together in life anywhere but at Chickenshed. Every extraordinary piece of theatre created at Chickenshed shouts out the same thing: anyone can thrive in an environment where everyone is welcome.


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