Targeted Youth Workers

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Canada Villa Young Peoples Activity Centre And Rithmic Music Studio
Pursley Road


020 8359 3100

Our youth workers provide individual, targeted help to young people on a range of issues. They can help young people with:' Issues at school' Careers advice or job searching' Family or relationship problems' Finding counselling' Housing problems, benefits' Drugs and alcohol issues' Things to do including sports, arts, music, holiday activities.To find out more about how we can help provide support for any young person please call one of the numbers for your area. We work closely with schools families, and the local community to ensure support is available to help those who need it most


Drop-In centre opening times:Canada Villa Young People's CentreMonday and Wednesday11.30am ' 7.00pmWoodhouse Road Young People's CentreTuesday and Thursday11.30am ' 7.00pmFriday11.30am ' 5.30pm


Open Referral<br/>Social Worker<br/>School<br/>Self-referral


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