Air quality action plan

Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2022

The council has a statutory duty to produce an action plan detailing how it will improve local air quality in the borough. 

This plan outlines the actions that the council will deliver between 2017 and 2022.

The aim of the plan is to reduce levels of air pollution and exposure to air pollution.  This will have a positive impact on the health of both residents and visitors to the Borough.

Have your say

We want to give residents, businesses and stakeholders who may have an interest in air quality in the borough, the opportunity to have a say.

We aim to ensure the draft Action Plan is appropriate and meets the needs the different communities before it's finalised.

To find out more and see the proposed list of actions please read the full Air Quality Action Plan 2017 – 2022 (PDF 1MB).

Comments should go to Scientific Services using the contact details below.


This plan was first agreed by the London Borough of Barnet's cabinet in January 2003.  It sets out actions for reducing air pollution.  The air quality action plan is reviewed yearly by the council in the air quality action plan appraisal report.

Most actions relate to road traffic as emissions from motor vehicles are the main reason for an air quality management area being required.