Air quality monitoring

Continuous monitoring

We have continuous air quality monitoring stations at Chalgrove School and Tally Ho Corner.

The stations monitor levels of fine particles (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). These measurements support the ongoing review and assessment of air quality in the borough.

Quality assurance and quality control of the data is carried out by Ricardo-AEA. They do this for many London Boroughs and local authorities and the current monitoring data is available on the Air Quality England website

Barnet Air Quality Annual Status Report 2020

Diffusion tube survey 

This involves monitoring monthly nitrogen dioxide levels at 15 locations across the borough to give a broad overview of nitrogen dioxide levels. Diffusion tubes are not as accurate as the continuous monitoring stations, but provide good information on air pollution trends over time. This also supports the ongoing review and assessment of air quality.  Data can be found in the reports on our review and assessment webpage.

For information about this monitoring and air quality monitoring across the UK visit the government's air quality website


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