Pest treatment prices

Pest inspection fee

During a pest inspection we will help identify the pest and tell you what pest treatment you need.

Hourly rate, plus costs of materials, minimum fee £33.03.

Pest treatment fee

If you book a pest treatment after your inspection you will only pay the cost of the treatment and not the inspection fee.

Prices include VAT and are correct as of 1 April 2022. Payment will be requested at the time of booking.

Pest problem needing treatment 

Treatment fee

Mice and rats




Bed bugs for a two bedroom property


Bed bugs (additional bedroom)




Exotic ants




Domestic crawling insects (carpet beetles, larder beetles, etc.)


Garden ants




Discount for Barnet residents (homeowners) receiving Means Tested Benefits

35% off list price

Commercial properties and residential monitoring contracts

Price on application

Discount for landlords and agents with licensed houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) in Barnet on all pest treatments from Re and annual monitoring and treatment contract. All discounts apply for the duration of the HMO licence period.

Landlords with licensed HMOs in Barnet and additional properties outside the borough should also enquire to see if these fall into the discount catchment area.

20% off fee, valid HMO licence number is required


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