Hubbub and Rags Revival

Sunday, 24th Jan 2016 1:15pm - 2:45pm
Chipping Barnet Library
Chipping Barnet Library

Want a new wardrobe for the new year without suffocating in the January sales? Or did you get given clothes for Christmas that you’re dying to get rid of?

If so, then this clothes swapping event hosted by Rags Revival is for you. This free event will give you the chance to swap unwanted clothes for new treasures. It works on a free flow basis, so you can come anytime during the event and enjoy the ever changing stock! There will be a changing screen and mirror so you can see how your fab new clothes look on you.

The rules are simple:

You can bring up to 10 quality second hand items - women’s clothes, men’s clothes or children’s clothes. But equally, bringing just one garment is fine.
Each item is worth one token so can you can leave with up to the same amount of garments as you came with. Anything left at the end of our swishes will be donated to charity.
Have fun without splurging the cash.
This event takes place in large activities room of Chipping Barnet Library.

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