Freedom of Information Request

Information regarding temporary housing

Received: 3 July 2024

Please answer the below questions;What policy documents are required for a companyproviding temporary accommodation to your council?Are there are any differences in requirements betweenhomeless shelters and temporary accommodation?What safety checks would need to be carried out in a HMOfor it be suitable for temporary accommodation?How can a new temporary accommodation provider bringtheir services to the attention of your local council forconsideration/selection?What is the difference between temporary accommodation and social housing?Are there any regulations or restrictions in place concerning temporary accommodation providers?Please list and identify temporary accommodationproviders currently used by your boroughPlease attach a document identifying all the temporaryaccommodation providersIs there a bidding application process for temporaryaccommodation providers? (Is there a tendering system orprocess?)Does the tendering portal (or any other portal you may use)only apply to semi-independent properties or does it alsoapply to temporary accommodation ?Please list the names of any tendering portals ( or portals you may use) for a temporary housing provider to be able to registerPlease provide either an email address or phone number to locate an officer who works in the procurement of temporary housing departmentWhat mandatory documents and policies are required inorder to be selected by your council?Is there a minimum number of referrals that the local council and temporary accommodation providers have agreed upon in advance?Is it necessary for temporary accommodation to be staffed24 hours a day?Do temporary accommodation providers have to providecare for vulnerable tenants (eg: homeless) and who wouldpay for these costs?What are your methods on allocating and, procuringtemporary accommodation? Can you confirm when thesewere last updated and if there are any plans to update thisin the next 12 months.Does LHA apply to those in temporary accommodation? Ifnot, what is the housing rate and how is this calculated?Do temporary accomodation properties have to be purchased in order toservice the provision of being a temporary housing provider, or can they be leased to use from arent2rent basis?What type of people do temporary housing providers get to house?Can the temporary housing provider choose/vet the occupiers that will live in the house?Do you pay council pay temporary housing providers in arrears? (if so, how many months)What is the maximum amount of time you typically take to settle an overdue invoice?

Outcome / Documents

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