Freedom of Information Request

Noise disturbance relating to 124 Hamilton Road, NW11 9EA.

Received: 2 April 2019

Please take this letter as a formal request for information under the above mentioned legislation. There are two separate aspects to this letter.

Firstly we would like to be advised whether there have been any complaints to the Council's Environmental Health Department or Planning Department in connection with noise disturbance relating to 124 Hamilton Road, NW11 9EA. We would ask for information in this respect dating back to 1 January 2010 please. If any complaints have been received can you please also provide information in respect of any investigations that may have taken place and the result of the complaint (was any action taken; were the owners/occupiers of 124 Hamilton Road written to?). If there has been any correspondence with regard to complaints and responses from the Council can you please provide copies.

Secondly we are trying to ascertain all Houses in Multiple Occupation in that part of the NW11 area bounded by Hendon Way to the south-west, North Circular Road to the north-west, Golders Green Road to the north-east and Armitage Road to the south-east. This includes the named roads and all roads within that block (Sinclair Grove, Golders Manor Drive, Highfield Gardens, Western Avenue, Heathfield Gardens, Highfield Avenue, The Drive, St Mary's Road, Woodville Road, Elmcroft Crescent, Limes Avenue, Beverley Gardens, The Grove, Hamilton Road, Montpelier Way, Montpelier Rise, Sandringham Road, Woodstock Avenue, Wessex Way, Wessex Gardens, The Ridgeway, Ridge Hill, Gresham Gardens, Woodstock Road (to its junction with Armitage Road), The Riding, Powis Gardens, Gainsborough Gardens and Golders Gardens). Please advise of properties listed on the Council's HMO Register and others that may be known to Environmental Health/Private Sector Housing or other relevant departments which are also known to be Houses in Multiple Occupation.

I am aware that these requests are supposed to be responded to weighing 20 working days of receipt. I am assuming that the first question (in respect of noise complaints relating to 124 Hamilton Road) will be easier/quicker to respond to. Assuming this to be the case I would be grateful if you could please respond on this point once the information is available rather than waiting for the enquiries in respect of the second point to become known.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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