Freedom of Information Request

Ashmole Academy

Received: 2 May 2019

1) In the light of the published admission arrangements why was our application unsuccessful?
2) How the distance was calculated from the school to our house? Eg. front gate to front door, postcode to postcode, etc.
3) The tools used to measure the distance. Please provide access to this.
4) The exact distances of all places allocated to successful applicants, other than siblings
5) The document 'How community school places were allocated' for the last 5 years (the total number of applications received, siblings admitted and distance of children in the defined area)
6) The school's admissions code and criteria
7) Number of classes
8) Number of pupils currently attending the school
9) Registered capacity of the school
10) How many appeals were heard in the last 5 years?
11) How many appeals were successful in the last 5 years?
12) How many pupils are on roll at the moment in each of the year groups?
13) What is the maximum and minimum net capacity for the school?
14) When was the net capacity set?
15) When the net capacity was last reviewed?
16) What is the published admission number?
17) What is the Indicated Admission Number based on the net capacity calculations?
18) Have there been any changes to the school since the net capacity was last reviewed?
19) How many teachers are employed at the school
20) What is the pupil/teacher ratio at the school?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download

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