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Freedom of Information Request

Online Tutoring

Received: 31 May 2019

Dear Barnet Borough Council,

I am writing to you to request information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please tell me:

-How many pupils have received online tutoring at home that was paid for by the council between September 1 2017 and August 31 2018? Please indicate how many children were primary school age and how many children were secondary school age.

Note: I am requesting information relating to ALL children who receive some or all of their schooling at home. This would include those who are electively home-schooled, as well as those who have some or all of their classes at home as part of their mainstream schooling, or as part of alternative provision.

For these children, I am requesting information relating to online learning. This would include children who receive some or all of their tuition over Skype (or similar services), or using e-learning tutoring tools. It would include instances where the council has hired a member of staff specifically to carry out this online tuition, as well as instances where an external company is being paid to provide the service.

-Please provide the same information (total number of pupils, broken down by primary/secondary) for the same period (Sept 1 - Aug 31) for each of these years: 2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15 and 2013/14.

-How much was spent on providing this online tutoring? Please provide the figure in pounds for each of the school years listed above (2013/14 - 2017/18), broken down by school year.

-Please provide the name(s) of the organisation(s) providing the online tutoring for home-schooled children.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (not held) - application/pdf - Download

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