Freedom of Information Request

Somerton Road Weight and Speed Limit

Received: 5 June 2019

Basically, someone, at some point, decide The Vale should not have a 5 tonne restriction 7 days a week but Somerton Road and other roads near there should have a seven day per week restriction. There must have been a decision taken by a person or a Committee. I am asking for a copy of any papers that resulted in the decision and I would like to know who made that decision.

Outcome / Documents

  • DPR - The Vale Experimental 20mph and Suspension of Width Restricitons - Final - Signed - 10-2-16.pdf - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download
  • Summary DPR - The Vale Experimental Traffic Management Order.pdf - application/pdf - Download

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