Freedom of Information Request

Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) & Transport Data

Received: 16 July 2019

I am working on a dissertation as part of a MSc in Transport Planning & Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University, which is related to the future management of highways and transport data, and would be very grateful if your authority could provide answers to the questions below under the Freedom of Information Act.

I appreciate that FOI requests are time consuming, and I thank you in advance for your time, and have endeavoured to make the questions as brief as possible to reduce the time impact on yourselves.

If you are not the highway authority for this area, please disregard this request.

Q1) Does your authority operate a UTMC system, and which system and supplier do you use?

Q1a) If not, do you have any plans to implement a UTMC system, if so when? Also what is the main reason for considering doing so?

Q1b) If you do operate a UTMC, what equipment/data sources connect to your UTMC system, and what functions do you deliver using these data sources? (I do not need significant narrative here, the table below gives an indication of the level of information I am looking for)

Data Source
Traffic Signals
Crowd Sourced Traffic Data

UTC functions and fault monitoring
Journey time monitoring

Q2) Please describe how you staff your UMTC system? Do you have dedicated staff, an outsourcing arrangement (if so, please provide brief operational details of the arrangement) or via sharing another role? If sharing another role, please provide an estimate of the percentage of time spent on UTMC functions.

Q3) Is your UTMC shared with another authority/authorities? If so, please advise on the other parties?

Q4) Are you utilizing your UTMC system to automate highway functions, and if so, please provide brief details of these functions. E.g. Car park guidance on VMS from occupancy sensors, or feeding live information into an app or website (brief info on the high level function would be appreciated, but no need for further detail on how this is delivered)

Q5) Do you collate and manage any of the following datasets in an electronic format? (such as but not limited to GIS) If so, do you make this data available to third parties, and how?

o Spatial TRO information ' Speed limits, Parking Restrictions, Moving Traffic Restrictions,
o Traffic Count Data
o Car Park space data (number of spaces only, not live data)
o Car Parking space live occupancy
o Journey time data (live or recorded)
o If you share any other similar transport data, please provide brief details

Q6) Do you have a transport data team to manage the above datasets? If not, please briefly describe how these functions are resourced within your organisation

Q7) Is your authority a district, county, unitary or city Council?

Many thanks for your support

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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