Freedom of Information Request

Housing and planning matters relating to 58 Sturgess Avenue, London NW4 3TS (The Property)

Received: 10 July 2019

Re: Housing and planning matters relating to 58 Sturgess Avenue, London NW4 3TS (The Property)

Will you please look through your records and supply the following information with regards to the house at the above address between the period 1st Jan 2013 and 30th October 2017:-

1) Has there ever been a report made to the council regarding (a) housing matters and or (b) the planning use or uses carried out at or from the Property?

2) What precisely was the report? Please supply the full text thereof

3) When was the said report made to the council?

4) What investigative action was taken by both or either of the relevant council department in response to the report?

5) Who took the investigative action? Who was his or her line manager(s)?

6) Please provide full details of what investigative actions the officer(s) undertook

7) What evidence was collated by the officer(s) in response to the report

8) Who supplied the evidence?

9) Please supply copies of all evidence obtained, garnered or supplied to the council, from whatever source, relating to the use and occupation of the property.

10) Please provide copies of all evidence in the council's possession that attest to occupation and or the payment of rent or license fees.

11) What other action, if any, was taken by council officers in consequence of the report from the date of receipt until 30th October 2017? Please provide full details.

12) Was/were the report (s) internally generated by a council department? If so, which department and who in that department?

13) Was the report made by a local citizen or local company?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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