Freedom of Information Request

Comparative Performance of ADHD and non-SEN children

Received: 5 August 2019

I hope you are well. I am doing research on how the performance of children with ADHD with learning and funding support compares against their assessed capability (eg their WISC test scores and their percentile ranking)

I also with to compare the performance of non-SEN children against the assessd capability, and then compare the SEN and non-SEN children.

Can you please provide me with data to do so?

An example of suitable data would be two lists, where each row contains non-identifiable data:
The first list is for children registered as having ADHD, with the following columns:
Age, sex, WICS scores (or other assessment of capability), assessment of performance at school, which SEN diagnoses they have (eg ADHD, co-morbid with autism spectrum disorder, etc), what provision has been made for them (eg EHCP and amount of funding, teaching assistant, funding for private provision of therapy)

The second list is for children not registered as having special educational needs, and has the following columns:
Age, sex, WICS scores, assessment of performance at school

Outcome / Documents

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  • Response (not held) - application/pdf - Download

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