Freedom of Information Request

Deferred Payment Agreement Schemes

Received: 13 August 2019

I would like to request information under the Freedom of Information Act regarding deferred payment agreement schemes within your local authority.

Below there are three questions we would be interested in finding out the relevant information for:

1. In 2018, how many people contacted you for information on how to pay for care?

2. In 2018, how many peoples long term care did you - as the local council - pay for either in:
* In full
* Partially
* Self-funding

3. If someone has assets over a certain amount, they need to pay for their own care. If you are already paying in full or partially for a person's care and their financial circumstances change which means that they are now liable for these costs, how do you monitor this? Please confirm all that apply.

* We expect the person (or their family) receiving care to notify us
* We expect the care home to notify us
* We conduct regular reviews of peoples funding eligibility
* If we start paying for care for a person, we will do this for the remainder of their lives
* Other - _______________________________________

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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