Freedom of Information Request

Princes Park Avenue - Speed Bumps, removed and replaced

Received: 6 September 2019

Someone recently admitted to me that one of the bumps in Princes Park Avenue was below the legal limit. I believe that there is more than one bump which is below the legal limit and I would therefore be grateful if you could let me have the heights of the bumps so that I can establish whether they are legal.

I am not asking this in order to both you, but it is quite clear to me on the basis of the speed which cars travel up and down the street, that these bumps are extremely low and are not within the legal limits. Therefore, could I please know the heights and I hope that your response will not include something to the effect that it would be too much work to check, since the Council did tell me that one of the bumps was below the limit. They could only say this if they knew the heights of all the bumps and you must therefore have this information, which I would be grateful if you would share with me.

Confirmation as to who decided on the height of the bumps on Princes Park Avenue and in particular the one that is maintained by the Council as being below the authorised limit.

I would like confirmation and details on the decision taken not to replace the illegal bump with one that is legal

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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