Freedom of Information Request

Fly Tipping

Received: 16 September 2019

This is a Freedom of Information request.

Please note: If your local authority is not responsible for fly-tipping/illegally dumped waste then I may have contacted you by mistake. and apologise for this error. If this is the case then, to avoid any unnecessary time spent on dealing with this request, a simple 'we are not responsible for fly-tipping, it is the responsibility of [insert name of body]' reply by email will suffice.

a. For the last financial year (2018-2019) how many fines did your authority issue for fly-tipping?
b. What was the total revenue received from these fines?
c) How much was spent on issuing these fines?

a. For the last financial year (2018-2019) how many times did your authority prosecute individuals or businesses for fly-tipping?
b. How many resulted in convictions?
c. Was any revenue received as compensation?
d) How much was spent on these prosecutions?

3) For the last financial year (2018-2019) how many cases of fly-tipping did your authority deal with?
4) For the last financial year (2018-2019), what the was total cost to your authority of dealing with fly-tipping?
5) How many people live in your local authority area?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (information exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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