Freedom of Information Request

Brexit Preparedness

Received: 2 October 2019

Policy and Resources Committee
Thursday 3rd October, 2019 7.00 pm


According to this report: "In Barnet, approximately 27% of workers across our Adults Social Care supply chain have EU27 nationality; equating to around 2,800 individuals".
The report fails to offer any mitigation of the risk to the wellbeing of vulnerable residents who will be affected by the loss of so many care workers. What will happen to these residents should a No Deal Brexit result in the expulsion of European nationals? What contingency plans does the authority have for the safeguarding of their needs?



"Analysis has shown that the top five EU27 nationalities represented on the borough's register of electors are: Romanian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and French".

In regard to the Italian nationality population what percentage of these are older members of the long established Italian community in this borough, many of whom settled here in the 1950s, but who still retain Italian passports? The same may apply to many older residents of Polish origin. What will the council be doing to support these elderly residents who will now be facing a risk of loss of settled status?



"To ensure we are resourced in the event of an emergency, the council led a campaign
earlier this year to recruit a number of Borough Emergency Control Centre (BECC) staff.
Training for all of these individuals is now complete, and availability will be checked for
the end of October".

How many individuals have been trained as BECC staff?

Outcome / Documents

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