Freedom of Information Request

Sign placement CPZ Field Mead Jnc Grahame Park Way

Received: 6 November 2019

I am seeking information in relation to the road sign placement and orientation of a road sign Field Mead junction with Grahame Park Way. This is the road sign indicating a CPZ on the nearside of the road when turning into Field Mead from Grahame Park Way.

Please can you provide information on the following
1) Date of the road sign installation
2) The sign's initial placement was parallel to the pavement. This was inconsistent with the same sign placed in other local roads. Why was this?
3) This sign has now been turned by 90 degrees. Why was this?
4) Who made the decision to change the orientation of the sign and on what date was that decision made?
5) What date was the decision to move the sign communicated to the contractor / person moving the sign?
6) What date did the orientation of the sign change?
7) Did the initial placement of the sign conform to the recommendations in The Traffics Signs Manual ( The manual which offers advice to traffic authorities and their contractors, designers and managing agents in the United Kingdom)

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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