Freedom of Information Request

Facial recognition

Received: 13 November 2019

In the last five years (ie. from 14/11/2014 ' 13/11/2019):
1. Has the council had access to facial recognition technology (sometimes also described as face detection/image recognition/biometric identification/appearance search)?, either using its own equipment or that of a third party?
2. Has the council deployed facial recognition technology (either on its own or via a third party)?
If so:
A. Which private company or companies did the council work with?
B. What were the dates of the facial recognition use?
C. What was the location of the facial recognition use?
D. Who provided the database of images that the facial recognition system was looking for?
E. How many images were on the database?
F. Why did their images appear on the database?
G. What were the outcomes (eg. arrests, prosecutions etc)?
H. How long were the images recorded by the facial recognition system kept?
I. Was an Impact Assessment carried out? If so, please provide a copy
J. How much did the council pay for the facial recognition system and its use?
3. Does the council have any data sharing agreements in place covering the use of facial recognition technology?
If so:
A. Which company or companies the data sharing agreement with?
B. Has an Impact Assessment been carried out? If so, please provide a copy
C. What data has been shared under the agreement and over what time period?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download

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