Freedom of Information Request

Photographic policy and procedures

Received: 30 January 2020

As your aware GDPR applies to personal data, which is defined under regulation 4 of the regulations.
Staff who are involved in the collection, publication or taking of photographs or video footage of a person under the instruction of your Council must understand their obligations under GDPR.
Taking photos
Can you please supply me with the following :
* Can you please detail how your Council trains or provides guidance to all staff who undertake photography or filming activity?

* Do you have a policy or procedure for the taking of photographs or filming activity at events?
* How do you manage consent at Councils functions or events? Please supply a copy of any policies or procedure pertaining to same.
* Do you place notices or posters at events to give warning to attendees that photographs will be taken? If yes, please include a copy of the announcement, sign, advertisement or poster. If no, what is your procedure?
* Do you have a 'Planning an event' checklist or procedure for staff? If yes, please supply a copy.
* If applicable, do you give notice on the event invitations that photographs will be taken? If yes, please include a copy.
* Do you have a media consent form? If yes, please enclose a copy.
* How do you manage consent for underage attendees?
* How do you manage consent kids photos taken in your library service?
* How do you manage consent for photos taken for official use (used in publications, plans, reports, etc.)
* Has your Council made any recommendations or reports to management concerning the taking of pictures or filming within your organisation? If so, please supply me with a copy.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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