Freedom of Information Request

FPNs (follow on from 5925264)

Received: 17 February 2020

It appears that there are 669 unpaid FPNs from the 2018-19 period that have not been cancelled, and 1,222 unpaid FPNs from the 2019 period that have not been cancelled. Your response explained that none of these 1,891 unpaid and un-cancelled FPNs have been referred for prosecution, and all of them are currently 'under review'.

This seems very odd, since your website clearly states that "the Council will prosecute unpaid FPNs" (in bold text) and the language of FPNs themselves makes clear that prosecution will follow if payment is not made.

Therefore, in relation to the 'review' process which is taking place in relation to the 1,891 FPNs described above, please disclose the following information:
- Who requested the review?
- Who is conducting the review?
- What are the terms of reference of the review?
- What is the timescale for the review?

If this information is not the same for all 1,891 FPNs, provide all relevant answers (eg, "1,000 FPNs are being reviewed by the Director of Enforcement and 891 FPNs are being reviewed by the Deputy Director").

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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