Freedom of Information Request


Received: 7 April 2020

Please can you provide the following information.

1) the locations of all 5G masts in the Borough (planning department should have this info)

2) lamp posts on Finchley Road between Golders Green station and A406 were being worked on just over 2-3 weeks ago. Were 5G transmitters being installed with the LED fittings?

3) which company carried the lamp post works out?

4) if only LED technology was being implemented to the lamp posts, can the Council confirm the fittings were fully inspected inside and out prior to any works taking place and that no 5G transmitter was located?

5) Boroughs such as Camden are having 5G installed under the ground. Is Barnet Council doing the same and if so, i would like all the road names of where 5G is being installed, has been installed and will be installed (perhaps data can be provided by your parking suspensions team and or Streetworks/Highways team who process the necessary licences)

6) if 5G is not being implemented within the Borough under the ground, are 5G transmitters being attached to any other street furniture?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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