Freedom of Information Request

carbon offsets

Received: 1 May 2020

This is a request for information under the The Environmental Information Regulations 2004. I would like to receive the following information:

1. Documents that outline the council's carbon strategy, including any strategy for using carbon offsets to meet carbon targets.

2. Details of all projects that carbon offset payments have been made towards by the council since 2015, including who is running those projects, what is being done with the money in the projects, the value of payments made by the council, and over what period money is to be paid.

3. Details of any offset fund that has been established by the local planning authority to meet carbon targets for building developments. Including: what the offsetting projects in the fund are and who is running them; how you determine offset carbon savings in projects match the carbon emitted in the development; and how it is determined whether offsetting projects are additional to projects that might already exist.

4. A list of the major developments in the area under the council's jurisdiction since 2015 that have involved the purchase of carbon offsets in order to meet the council's climate targets, whether from offset funds or individual offsetting projects. Please include developments still in the planning stages where the purchase is only anticipated.

5. Details of the environmental strategy for the developments covered by part 4, including whether money is being paid to a council offsetting fund or to individual offsetting projects, how much is being paid and how that price has been determined, and what the projects are/who runs them if they are separate to a council offsetting fund.

I remind you that should there be any confidential information, you may redact information and therefore still release it to me. If part of the information in this request catches one or more exceptions please remember to apply a presumption in favour of disclosure, including if only for part of the request.

I look forward to receiving your response within 20 working days. If you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to ask.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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