Freedom of Information Request

Design Team Traffic and Development Section Proposed Waiting Restrictions JCOS School EN4 Ref: SCR-280-21

Received: 3 June 2020

1. What is the total cost of the implementation of the scheme?
2. From which budget is this scheme being funded?
3 .How many people agreed to the implementation of the scheme as part of the consultation process?
4. How many objections were received against this scheme as part of the consultation process?
5. Can you please confirm that this matter was only discussed at the Chipping Barnet Area Committee that took place on the 9 July 2018 and that there is no further reference or minutes on any other subsequent committee papers relating to these proposals?
6. In response to a Customer Service enquiry I was informed by the Case Management Team for Highways:
"if any objections are received as a result of the statutory consultation the Strategic Director for Environment will, in consultation with the local Ward Councillors, consider and determine whether any of the proposed changes should be implemented or not, and if so, with or without modification".Accordingly, in this matter the relevant Councillors will have the right to hear the views of the residents and any objections raised, in order for them to have some input.
I would like to know which ward councillors were consulted about any objections that were raised about this scheme and what input was provided by the Councillors?
7. I was also informed that : Furthermore, as objections have been received, a report outlining the objections and making the above-mentioned decision, will be published on the Council's website.
I would like a copy of this report as I was unable to locate it on the Council website.
8. The traffic and Development section informed residents that : ''Careful consideration was given to the potential impact'',
Undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment would have enabled L B Barnet to consider the impact of the proposed waiting restrictions with regard to ethnicity, disability, age and sex, but also in relation to religion and belief, sexual orientation, and human rights.
a) I would like to know what evidence was used to examine the impact of the scheme on different groups of people and what was taken into consideration?
b) Has an equality impact assessment been carried out ? If so I would like the information to be made public and a copy to be sent to me.
9. When ( what date) was the final decision made to implement the scheme and by whom and where was this recorded?

Outcome / Documents

  • COD Report JCOSS APPROVAL REQUIRED 28.4.2020 - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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