Freedom of Information Request

Kinship foster carers and Special guardians.

Received: 11 June 2020

Dear Barnet Borough Council,

I am writing to you, to request information under the FOI act. Please kindly provide me with a response to the following;

1. Are former kinship foster carers entitled to any fee's and allowances for a child they get an SGO for and how much?
2. How long are these allowances and fee's paid for?
3. If there are deductions made please inform me how much, what for and how long for.
4. Under what criteria can any extra funding be paid on top of these allowances and fee's?
5. Do the the LA have policies on information for kinship carers and SG's and If these policies are requested are the LA obliged to provide them?
6. What is the complaints procedure and how long should the LA take to deal with complaints? 7. What other support is supposed to be offered to special guardians who were former kinship foster carers?
8. What other support should be offered to kinship foster carers?
9. If the LA make a financial agreement in writing and then go back on this agreement what are the policies on this?
10. What method does Barnet council use to assess special guardians for financial support. Please provide me with what evidence can be requested from the SG by the LA as well.
11. What is the maximum payment for a child.
12. What is the criteria to qualify for a maximum payment for a child?
13. Is the maximum payment based on recommended foster care rates?
14. How long is the fostering fee and SG allowance paid for and at what rates?
15. Are special guardians entitled to support with childcare fee's?
16. If the LA provide funding for supervised contact in a contact centre, does this need to be provided under a CIN plan or can this be done without a plan as part of the SG support plan instead?
17. Please tell me the threshold/criteria for a child to be put under a CIN plan.
19. How often are policies updated? (Please provide a date for the most recent and the next update if possible)

Outcome / Documents

  • 6359152 - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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