Freedom of Information Request

Status of S215 notice for The Jester Mount Pleasant Barnet EN4 9HG

Received: 18 June 2020

In planning application 18/6776/FUL the report stated:

There is currently enforcement proceedings which requires the applicant to take this course of action. A S215 notice has been served, however this is subject of an appeal and a decision is awaited. It is the officers understanding that a court hearing will take place on 28th March 2019.

After appeal, crown court ruling from February 2020 required the developer to clear the site of foliage rubbish, rubble and building materials within 28 days of that ruling; a heras fence around the site within 3 months; a new pub on the site within 3 years.

As of 17 March 2020, Schedule 1 was not being complied with.

Please could you update about the status of the developer's compliance with Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of that court ruling?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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