Freedom of Information Request

Policy on old tech and social contract

Received: 8 July 2020

RSVP Digital inclusion - Calling all schools and educational institutions in the UK '

The pandemic is shedding a light on how vulnerable we all are. Some groups of people are even more in need though, including the elderly, the homeless and refugees.

The majority of these people don't have computers and the internet, something which we can take for granted when staying in touch with loved ones during these times.

We are using technology and innovation to help address the inequalities in society ' the very same inequalities being emphasised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We work with charities who provide the accommodation and internet, so we are providing a holistic package of support to those in need.

Do you currently have some outdated, unplugged, or unused no longer needed laptops, computers, or other electronics in your storage? Were you ever going to use them ?

We install open source software innovation on all the laptops, which means that old devices are still useful and donatable even those that can they can no longer use due to windows 7 expiration.

We're calling on you to consider the benefits of donating your electronics to our handover initiative. Using these laptops, we wipe them clean and through accommodation services, place them in the hands of youth and homeless with no other access to the internet.

Your laptops could further your educational mission with homeless youth and young refugees just trying to make it in the world. It's just that easy.

In order to make this as seamless as possible for you we are asking you to place these old no longer needed items that we an still use into a box and we will arrange a collect as per our safe process. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

May we please ask under FOI for details on the policy about old technology and what is currently happening with the old technology from the council and from the educational institutions you are funding.
1) In particular where the old items are going ?
2) what percentage is going to help those in the local community that can not afford computers.
3) when the contract / arrangements are up for review.
We received some replies that some councils were not linked to educational institutions, so to clarify we are also asking these questions from the councils including those that do not fund local schools.
=) We would also like to add one more questions ( no 4 )
4) Please provide information how your institution is addressing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions in relation with old technology as per our other 3 questions.

Outcome / Documents

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