Freedom of Information Request

EHCP's and Transport

Received: 5 August 2020

- Freedom of Information Act Request -
In line with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would be most grateful if you would provide the following information requested below.
1. How many EHC plans does the local authority maintain for pupils with a visual impairment (VI)?
2. How many of the above students, who are in secondary school or above, attend a maintained mainstream setting?
3. How many students with EHC plans for whom Barnet is responsible attend a maintained special school or non-fee-paying special academy outside of Barnet? Please split according to primary vs secondary and beyond phases of schooling.
4. Does the local authority transport any children or young people with EHCPs outside of borough to attend education? If so, how is this usually organised?
5. For children or young people with EHCPs the local authority pays to transport out of borough, what is the average cost the local authority pays per child or young person?
6. Using its normal method of transporting children or young people outside of borough to learn, how much would it standardly cost to transport a child to and from Joseph Clark School, E4 9PP, from XXX?
7. In case it was a different method suggested, please detail the estimated cost (using current arrangements with taxi firms driving to similar areas) for transporting a child to and from Joseph Clark School, E4 9PP, from XXX ' please give the cost with or without a chaperone.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt and exceeds appropriate limit) - application/pdf - Download

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