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LED Lighting Milespit Hill

Received: 21 August 2020

I live on milespit hill in NW7 and have been concerned with the rollout of LED lighting in the nearby area recently. The closest to my home being on neighbouring Brookfield avenue.
If I am correct these can be used or perhaps are already being used as 5G base stations. Can you confirm or deny this please? Both whether they are already and whether or not they have that capability, and what future plans regarding them would be in that regard.
Also what frequency range is or will be being used?
I am asking primarily because I suffer with electrohypersensitivity and have already spent thousands making my home safe from neighbouring wifi/smart meters/phone masts etc. 5g and its plans to be very ubiquitous by its very nature poses a serious threat to my health, especially as its an entirely different frequency range than has ever been used before with no tests on human safety ever conducted. All studies that have been done in that regard have not been promising in terms of health. For eg. studies have shown 60ghz (and to a lesser extent harmonics thereof) effecting oxygen levels in air and 50ghz effecting oxygen levels in saltwater/blood plasma.
Having street lights outside my home on milespit hill this is a concern. They are still the safe halogen type at present.
I will require an accurate reply to this and will likely be buying expensive industry standard meter to be able to test in the 12- 90ghz range, which cost upwards of £2000. So I will be able to check if what you say is indeed true and will hold you accountable to that answer.
I will perhaps consider withholding Council tax payments until I have a satisfactory answer. And considering if true this will likely cost me a lot of money time and stress, as they will be much closer than any current towers (which i had measured and accounted for at the time of buying my property) so I will have to further protect my house, will consider perhaps withholding this for a longer duration.

Outcome / Documents

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