Freedom of Information Request

Leisure Contracts

Received: 27 August 2020

See attached.
Under FOI provisions I ask
(where I ask for numbers the nearest 1000 is sufficient precision)
a) does the authority have an arrangement with Greenwich Leisure Ltd a mutual society with:
registration number: IP27793R
registered address: Middlegate House, 1 Seymour Street, The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich,
SE18 6SX
if the answer is negative the following question do not apply.
b) what is the population size of the authority?
c) in 2019 (or 2018 if the figures for 2019) how many users used the authoritiy's leisure services
managed by the contractor?
d) approximately how many users used leisure services not managed by the contractor (I am
thinking non leisure centre weekend football etc)
d) for 2018/19 (or 2018/19 if the 2018/19 authority accounts are not published) what is
i the total authority revenue
ii the total authority expenditure
iii the income received for leisure services (this is the income received from leisure services
that are not managed by the contractor)?
iv the cost of providing those services (e.g. maintaining football pitches)
v the financial impact to the authority of the management arrangement with Greenwich
Leisure Ltd ' i.e. quantify the amount that the management arrangement generates income or is an
expense )
vi does Greenwich Leisure Ltd provide any services outside the management arrangement
(if yes please detail the financial impact as per the above analysis)
Leisure centres have been closed for several months in 2020 due to the pandemic. Although some of
the leisure centre services have re-opened in the last few weeks the number of users is managed in
order to de-risk spreading covid 19.
e) will the authority be compensating Greenwich Leisure Ltd for loss of income during closure and
if so by what amount?
f) will the authority be paying the contractor any additional monies not provided by the terms of
the contract
g) if providing compensation what is the justification (e.g. a force majeure clause in the contract)
g) please provide any other information that the authority considers relevant (for example, on a
scale of 1 ' bad to 5 ' very satisfactory how would the authority rate the partnership with
Greenwich Leisure Ltd with reference to 'Best Value Statutory Guidance' ; I anticipate that the
authority will rely on the commercially sensitive exclusion which I would not challenge through the
Information Commissioner but provide the example as a possible guide

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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