Freedom of Information Request


Received: 18 December 2020

At the start of the ill conceived and executed changes to the A1000 the traffic islands in the middle of the road adjacent to East Finchley were increased in size. Now they have been reduced back to their initial size. On the basis that construction is not something that is provided on a free of charge basis I can only assume that even more of our hard earned taxpayer money has been wasted. Below is a list of issues. I want an answer to each one. I will not accept a catch all summary, nor will I accept any nonsense such as no responses to individuals. I pay corporation tax, income tax and council tax so am one of the contributors to your incomes. As you can tell I am far from happy with what you have done and am not alone. I repeat my demand for a call or emergency meeting to halt this ever increasing litany of chaos, waste and destruction that you are causing.

1. Costs - under the freedom of information act I want to see the costs expended thus far on the A1000 phase 1 project and in particular the works to the aforementioned islands adjacent to East Finchley station.
2. Impeding of emergency services access caused by the changes to the A1000 as per my email last week - how are you going to ensure that emergency services are not halted by blocked roads caused by the changes you have made to the A1000?
3. Removal of parking spaces - under the freedom of information act I want to know the historic revenue for every parking bay that you have removed on the A1000 phase 1.
4. Removal of parking spaces - you (Traffic Consultations) have advised that you will create additional pay spaces in the county roads that are already resident permit spaces. How does reducing the number of spaces (that we have already paid for) help? Our roads are already full. How will you compensate us for taking spaces from us?
5. Safety - the narrowing of the A1000 has turned all the previously quiet side roads into rat runs. This means an increase in pollution and safety risk in our previously quiet side roads. What is your solution?
6. Emissions - narrowing of the A1000 has reduced the flow of traffic. The increase in congestion means more vehicles idling. Idling vehicles emit more pollution. How is this a 'green solution' ? it is also a health issue as evidenced by the current court case. Idling vehicles mean more nox. Nox is a killer.
7. Loss of the high street - have you heard of Arcadia, Debenhams etc ???? the high street is under massive pressure due to Covid 19. How does removal of parking spaces and therefore customer access to the high street help?? Under the freedom of information act I want to see the current business rates paid by every business premises that has now had the parking in front of their locations removed.
8. Community - how does impeding access to the shops that are the backbone of the East Finchley community help maintain our community?
9. Mental Health - the changes made to the A1000 are affecting peoples mental health because you are making accessing the high street more difficult. Older people who are not disabled but not as mobile as they once were cannot access the shops and cafes they used to because you have removed the parking spaces. Covid 19 is far from over so people going to shops and cafes is an emotional and mental transaction as well as a commercial one. This is in many ways the biggest issue. There are many people who live alone and going to a familiar café or shop may well be the only physical link these people have with another person.

Outcome / Documents

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