Freedom of Information Request

parking surveys for planning applications

Received: 13 January 2021

This request is made under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations and is submitted on behalf of Friern Barnet & Whetstone Residents' Association.

The term 'documents' used below includes documents whether in written or in electronic formats and includes reports, papers, notes, emails, letters and memoranda.

The request relates to parking surveys provided to the Council's Planning Department in respect of planning applications validated during the period 01 Jan- 31 December 2020 where the application site lies within one or other of the N3, N12 and N20 postal districts ('relevant parking surveys').

Commonly the parking surveys submitted to the Council follow the 'Lambeth Model'.

Please provide the following documents and information-

1. How many relevant parking surveys were there?

2. Please provide a list of the planning applications which were associated with a relevant parking survey.

3. Of the relevant parking surveys, how many were rejected or amendments were required by the Council for the reason of what was considered to be inadequate methodology? Please identify the relevant planning applications.

4. For how many of the applications relating (in whole or part) to proposals for residential developments did the Council require the parking survey to depart from the standard Lambeth Model methodology? Please identify the relevant planning applications.

5. Please provide copies of any documents which contain guidance or instructions to officers and staff as to the circumstances in which the use of the standard Lambeth Model methodology is inappropriate.

If there is a very large number of relevant parking surveys then we are happy to reduce the scope of the request.

Outcome / Documents

  • 6929048 Attachment How to search the planning register - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download