Freedom of Information Request

Communications / changes on slavery, decolonisation and tackling historic legacies

Received: 18 January 2021

From September 1 up to date:

(Or from the first week of each month up to date from September 1 if this is too long a timeframe)

Can you please provide (redacted as needed) internal communications/memos/notices/emails/video conference calls , advice, webinars or
transcripts of these, etc

- From potentially
Staff networks, working groups, intranet notices, senior members staff and management,
internal recommendations on behalf of senior staff or the organization as a whole, reports,
letters, petitions and external communications to senior staff

(this is only suggested material)

- My main focus is email communication to and from the most senior staff: council leader, deputy leader, Chief Executive, staff and councillors whose portfolios manage heritage

- Regarding:
Actions, interventions and projects intended to decolonise or address contested legacies and diversity - particulary with regard to named figures who may be problematic colonialism, racism and slavery

This could found using key terms:
"Decolonising" "Colonialism", "imperialism", "empire", "institutional racism", "white supremacy" "far right"

In particular I would like to know what particular figures or objects in the built environment (statues, road names, building names etc) or council-affiliated museums, have been a focus for review of re-assessment

If there is a database of suggested changes from public consultation, could you please also provide this.

As a focussed question it could be framed as: "What work is being done, or has been proposed in the above material, to tackle historic legacies of slavery, racism, or other contested legacies?"

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download