Freedom of Information Request

Flooding as a result of the development of the former National Institute for Medical Research The Ridgeway NW7

Received: 8 February 2021

The Senior Site manager at the former NIMR (NW7 1AA) wrote to us on the 15th October 2020: "Barratt have obtained a Watercourse Consent License via LB Barnet to discharge at a reduced rate into the existing ditch. The water discharge continues to be controlled and measured as it leaves the boundary.

We formally requested a date evidenced copy of the licence referred to issued by Barnet or any other body/organisation allowing Barratts to discharge into a ditch on their Northern boundary feeding into Folly Brook. I

We were informed that London Borough of Barnet do not hold a copy.

We now formally request the Certificate of Authorization for Watercourse Consent no. LBC OWC 2018/01

Map Reference TQ526477 196499.

Outcome / Documents

  • 7000636 OWC Consent Redacted - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download