Freedom of Information Request

Climate Emergency

Received: 15 March 2021

We write as part of a national research project being undertaken by universities throughout the UK and being led by the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) exploring the work in tackling climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The research focuses on the climate change emergency declarations made by a large number of public bodies; including district and city councils, unitary authorities and even Parliament, since 2018. We are seeking to track their development with a view on publishing the progress of public action on climate change in the lead up to COP26 in November 2021.

We have carried out some preliminary research of the borough of Barnet and have noted that Barnet has not yet made a climate emergency declaration.

However, we have taken notice of several publications providing data in respect of climate change engagement, including 'A Local Air Quality Strategy for Barnet 2002' and 'One Barnet. A Sustainable Community Strategy for Barnet 2010-2020'.

Further, we noticed your involvement in the London Climate Action Week 2019, i.e., the installation of e-vehicle charging points, the planting of 4,500 trees and the introduction and further enhancement of Sustainable Travel to and from Schools that is Active, Responsible and Safe (STARS).

In the light of the above, we would now like the Council to provide the following information:
1. We came across a Barnet ePetition for the declaration of a climate emergency in 2019. However, only a few signatures (precisely 9) were collected. What steps has the Council planned to undertake with regard to a potential Climate Emergency Declaration?
2. Please confirm whether you have precise data for your council ktCO2e emissions in terms of the scope classifications of the GHG Protocol, i.e., scope 1 (all direct Emissions), scope 2 (indirect emissions), and scope 3 (other indirect emissions such as outsourced activities, waste disposal). If yes, could you provide us with an overview of these? If no, have you taken steps to ensure that such data will be gathered?
3. Please provide the amount of emission reduction planned, if possible, by scope 1, 2 and 3 in ktCO2e.
4. Besides efforts regarding e-vehicles, tree-planting and sustainable travel, do you have an overall Climate Action Strategy? If not, how are you planning to undertake further action and/or to develop a systematic strategy toward climate action?
5. What steps has the council taken to involve the community and/or stakeholders (i.e., local businesses, direct employees, residents, resident organisations, visitors) in respective climate action?
6. We have taken notice of your efforts towards a Flood Risk Management Plan 2021. Do you have a general Climate Change Adaptation Policy? If yes, please provide information on the policy.
7. Besides your engagement during the London Climate Action Week, do you have a general implementation plan? If yes, please provide information on the plan.
8. Please provide data on carbon offsets.
We also have some specific questions relating to community involvement in tackling climate change:
9. Please confirm how many Community Groups (including any Town Councils and/or Parish Council and/or Community Councils) in your area have made CEDs.
10. Please provide the names and contact details of each of these.
11. Please confirm how the Council collaborates with each of these Community Groups, and how the Council's own declaration intersects with their CEDs.
12. Please provide details of any other local community action the Council carries on pursuing any plans and commitments relating to your CED.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download