Freedom of Information Request

Public Health Funerals

Received: 17 March 2021

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I am writing to request the following information regarding funerals arranged by the Council under Section 46 Public Health Act.

1. How many such funerals has the Council arranged since 1st January 2020?

2. In each case please disclose:
a) The name and last residential address of the deceased
b) The deceased's dates of birth and death
c) Whether the deceased's next of kin/family members have been traced
d) Whether the deceased's estate has been referred to the Government Legal Department or elsewhere

3. Has the Council passed this information to any other individual or organisation (either formally through a FOI request or by other means)?

4. Does the Council work with any genealogist? If so, which?

5. Does the Council publish a list of Public Health Funerals it has arranged? If so:
a) Where is the list published (please provide web url if on-line)?
b) How often is the list updated?
c) When was the list last updated?

6. Who in the Council is responsible for the Council's Public Health Funerals? Please advise us of their names and contact details.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download