Freedom of Information Request

Hinge's Paddock(Green open space of the University)

Received: 21 March 2021

Who actually owns the 2 parcels of land mentioned in the title deeds, restrictive covenant regarding Amy Ellen Rebecca Hinge coloured yellow (University Car Park & Paddock). What exactly is the restrictive covenant as there's no exact details. Are they still active, presumably so as they have never been developed Is it open space for the public and if so why is it fenced off.

At present the parcels of land are on the title deeds for Middlesex University(whether this is accurate, when was it given to the University), one of the parcels is on the corner of Church Road NW4 and Church End NW4 used to be known as Hinge's Paddock, the other is further down Greyhound Hill also coloured yellow on title plan, do not know if the restrictive covenant as mentioned on the title deed from Amy E R Hinge dated 1964 is for both pieces that are yellow, no precise details of what the restrictions are and how long they are active.

18.08.1995) A Conveyance of the land tinted yellow on the filed plan
and other land dated 29 September 1964 made between (1) Amy Ellen
Rebecca Hinge and (2) The County Council of The Administrative County
of Middlesex contains restrictive covenants.

Outcome / Documents

  • Hendon College of Technology plan 1995 - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download
  • The Paddocks - transfer plan 1995 - application/pdf - Download
  • The Paddocks - transfer to Middx University 1995 - application/pdf - Download
  • Transfer from Amy Hinge to Middx County Council 1964 - application/pdf - Download