Freedom of Information Request

S106 Agreement

Received: 19 March 2021

I have attempted to find s.106 documents on your planning portal, using the planning references. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any of them, please can you send me a copies or links to each Section 106 agreement relating to the developments listed below:

H/04017/09 - Dated 22/09/2011
H/04595/10 - Dated 10/02/2011
W13582E/07 - Dated 06/ 10/2008
N02587K/07 - Dated 03/12/2008

Also regarding these S106s can you please provide

1. Proof of financial expenditure
2. Dates of when council monies were spent and allocated
3. The Party which paid the contributions

Outcome / Documents

  • 7148640 - final - application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download